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The Sentiment and Emotion Lexicons

Copyright: (C) 2016 National Research Council Canada (NRC)
Contact: Saif M. Mohammad (,
Senior Research Officer, National Research Council Canada

The Sentiment and Emotion Lexicons is a collection of lexicons that was entirely created by the experts of the National Research Council of Canada. Developed with a wide range of applications, this lexicon collection can be used in a multitude of contexts such as sentiment analysis, product marketing, consumer behaviour and even political campaign analysis.

The technology uses a list of words that help identify emotions, sentiment, as well as analyzing hashtags, emoticons and word-colour associations. The lexicons contain entries for English words, and can be used to analyze English texts. Also provided are translations of the entries in the NRC Emotion Lexicon in 105 other languages, including French, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.

Each of the lexicons is available in a sub-folder corresponding to its name. Further details about these lexicons are available in the READMEs provided within each sub-folder and in the associated papers listed in the READMEs.


THE SENTIMENT AND EMOTION LEXICONS (click to download the complete bundle, 81Mb)


Individual lexicons for download:

Manually created lexicons:
NRC Emotion Lexicon
NRC Valence, Arousal, and Dominance (VAD) Lexicon
NRC Affect Intensity Lexicon
NRC Word-Colour Association Lexicon

Automatically generated lexicons:
NRC Hashtag Emotion Lexicon
NRC Hashtag Sentiment Lexicon
NRC Hashtag Affirmative Context Sentiment Lexicon and NRC Hashtag Negated Context Sentiment Lexicon
NRC Emoticon Lexicon (a.k.a. Sentiment140 Lexicon)
NRC Emoticon Affirmative Context Lexicon and NRC Emoticon Negated Context Lexicon